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Mattimore BootsWalk through history in authentically made boots and shoes in the style and tradition of the great makers of the nineteenth century. Our shoes are totally authentic from our bark tanned leather to our square heel nails. Our patterns have been developed from dug artifacts, photographs, original specimens, period specifications and trade journals.

And our boots and shoes are amazingly comfortable and durable. Our customers wear their boots and shoes to re-enactments and rendezvous, and keep wearing them when they go home. Our boots and shoes stand up excellently for daily use, in living history museums and national parks throughout the country.

All of our boots and shoes are handmade one at a time by our craftsman.  That means you can order any size you need – they are made to order.  Please allow 12 weeks for our craftsman to make and ship your order.

How to Trace Your Foot

A new video to show you how to measure your feet is in production and will be on the website soon.

Caring for your shoes and boots

Never allow wet leather to get hotter than 187 degrees. This voids the warranty and destroys the leather. Clean your boots with mild solution of soap and water. While still damp, oil with pure neatsfoot oil or lexol leather conditioner. We highly recommend shoe trees for storage. Never use neatsfoot compound or heavy paste conditioner!

On wet and slick surfaces, the wearing of hobnails and heel plates is inherently dangerous. By ordering these items, you agree to do so at your own risk.

*We all make mistakes. If when you get your shoes they do not fit you must notify us within three business days. If you sent us correct measurements we will refund the return shipping. If the measurements you sent are incorrect we will charge a 50% restocking fee and you pay the shipping. If you wear them to an event there will be no exchange or refund. If you wait 8 months or longer to inform us there is nothing we can do for you. The only exception is if you are deployed overseas. I stand behind my products but some have abused common sense thus the need for this policy.


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